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The thumb is the most valuable and used appendage on the human body. Almost every activity that involves the hand also involves using the thumb. All utensils, drinking glasses, writing instruments, and most tools are designed for us to use with our thumbs.

The American Medical Association Guide to Disability and Impairment assigns the loss of the thumb as creating up to a 30% impairment of the upper extremity. Even our language, in terms of gestures of expression entails the use of our thumbs. “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down” provide universal indications of approval or disapproval.

We, at the Thumb Specialty Center, have assimilated 26 years of experience and research with surgery and therapy, to provide premier expertise in treatment of disorders of the thumb. We have had the opportunity to try the majority of all surgical and therapeutic techniques first-hand, and have the experience to tell you what really works, and what doesn’t.

Dr. Coleman had dedicated 20 years to the development of an arthroplasty for the basal joint of the thumb, adopting old, tried- and-true principles published by established authorities, and blending innovative variations to master a technique that has proven to be superior to the old “Ligament Reconstruction and Tendon Interposition” (termed the LRTI procedure) that has been the dogma of orthopedic surgeons for many years.

His variation of the Weilby Arthroplasty is combined with tendon transfer techniques published by Thompson and others.

Dr. Coleman saw that a common problem with all of the popular procedures is that patients often have a hard time bringing their thumb into the plane of the palm. This makes it very difficult to put their hands into their pockets, to open their hands to grasp large objects, or to hold their palm flat.

His modification of lassoing a tendon around a wrist extensor tendon has changed many lives, allowing much improved versatility in the use of their thumbs and hands.

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